Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greens For The Hens

I found a treat for the chickens in the frig! Tom picked up some bags of old lettuce at the grocery store when he stopped for groceries the other day. The produce people put the wilted lettuce and greens in the back work room and Tom checks and sometimes he lucks out and comes home with greens for the girls. Above are two Light Brahmas, Curly the Cochin in the middle with her feather feet, an Australorp on the left and an Orpington on the right. The chickens do like the greens. I'm sure they would love to forage among wild grasses, but all they have to kick around are piles of leaves. Poor hens.
Still not much happening around here, so I'm resorting to photos of food again. Kristine wanted quesadillas for dinner which makes for a good photo op. First I put a skillet on very low heat with the low sided skillet for a lid and let it heat up. That's my oven. Then I spread some salsa on the tortilla, grate some cheddar and some monterey jack cheese, and slice some onions. Sometimes I put sliced olives, refries, peppers, etc. You can add what you like. I usually use a lot more salsa, but this is Hot. Too hot for me. I didn't have any of the mild so had to use what I had in the pantry. I keep hot salsa around to kill off a sore throat and cold. I wish it came in smaller jars.
No oil or anything in the pan, just drop the tortilla in and put on the "lid" and as soon as the cheese melts take it out.
Fold the tortilla over and you have dinner. We are not very hungry so that's all we will have, besides it is too hot. But I do think I will have some leftover cold green beans with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make up my green treat.
[5 eggs today]



lisa said...

My daughter loves those. Looks good!

Tanya said...

No tortillas in Japan! Me! A Southern California girl with no tortillas!