Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party Tomorrow?

I was out collecting eggs again today and I found one out in the pen in the dirt, but the good thing is that the chickens didn't eat it. The bad thing I found was that the hens automatic waterer seems to be leaking as there is a wet area under it. I would like to think that the hens were dusting under or next to the waterer and knocked it about and spilled the water. I will have to keep a check on it to find out if it is leaking. Poor hens. They would like to get out in the woods and party. The pen is really too small for them. Tomorrow Morgan goes to the vet to get stitches taken out of her foot, but will she still have a bandage?
Here is my miter saw. Before I got this saw I used to make my angle cuts with a miter box. This is much faster and much more accurate. I am very careful and I wear eye protection. If I'm going to be making a lot of cuts I also wear ear protection because of the painful noise it makes.

[11 eggs today]



lisa said...

My hubby would like one of those!!

Tanya said...

I love visiting you Callie. The photos of scenery that you post look so familiar for some reason. The dryness, and the dirt paths. It must remind me of San Juacinto and Idyllwild. (Where my parents had an ancient cabin).

You are so handy! I wish you'd come to my house and build me a window seat! I was going to ask WHAT does one use a mitered saw for but I checked a few posts back and see your lovely window seat!

Glad Morgan is getting better. Such a good dog!