Friday, August 07, 2009

Checking For Eggs

Several times a day I go out to the coop to check for eggs. In the morning I'm looking for eggs for my breakfast and the other times I am just looking for eggs to put in the refrigerator. I don't like leaving the eggs around because the hens might break them and I don't want them to turn into egg eaters. That sounds bad.

I like being around the chickens. I like their antics and their cooing clucking hen noises. Chickens are fun to have around.

This afternoon while getting a lemon out of the frig I noticed that there was one moldy lemon in the middle of the bag of lemons. So, there was a moldy thing in the frig. We didn't notice it because all the other lemons were just fine. I will have to trust Kristine to sniff out any bad things in the frig.

[12 eggs today]
I noticed yesterday that Tom was collecting eggs
and putting them in the cartons.
This was throwing my count off.


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lisa said...

chickens are defiantly very fun to watch!