Monday, August 03, 2009

Simply Peachy Peaches

My neighbor gifted us with these lovely homegrown organic peaches from her backyard peach tree. She gave me a call this morning and met me at the gate with the peaches. I was very happy to be able to gift her back with a carton of fresh eggs. I remember when I was a growing up how the neighborhood families would always share the bounty of both their flower and vegetable gardens. People would share cuttings and starts of their flowers and trees. It was just a natural thing to have a stranger come to the porch and ask if they could have a cutting off of a garden plant that they admired. Not much of that kind of thing happening anymore I would expect except between families or very good friends.

[2 eggs today so far]


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lisa said...

I agree! I try to always share if possible, I am planning to cut some lettuce and give to friends at work, way too much for us to eat alone!!!