Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How To Get Your Refrigerator Cleaned!

Kristine took this photo of these red potatoes and said,
"Post about them!"
Ok, Ok...

Kristine is interested in the potato story because she ended up cleaning out the refrigerator. I admit it must have been a traumatic experience for her. She was trying to find what was making a funny moldy smell that was getting into everything. It made her tea taste funny and I guess that was the tipping point that launched her into cleaning mode.

I came home and found her cleaning the crisper drawers and complaining that she couldn't find what was making the smell. I couldn't smell much of anything and didn't offer much in the way of consolation. Hey, I was getting my refrigerator cleaned! I'm not complaining.

Kristine said the smell was still there.

The only thing I had put in the refrigerator that was new or different was a bag of onions and a bag of potatoes. I don't usually put them in the frig, but I did this time because it was so hot I worried about them going bad. So, I thought I would take one of them out and see if there was any change. We had checked the potatoes and onions and they had passed the sniff test.

I took the bag of potatoes out of the frig and in a few hours the smell was gone. Well, Kristine said the smell was gone and, since I could only smell a musty odor, I could say that it was gone too. All I can figure is that the potatoes have some kind of mold or something that was blown around inside the frig and caused the smell?

Anyway, I figure two things need to happen to insure frig cleaning will occur: I need to leave the property and make sure something stinky is in the frig before I leave. Of course I do realize that I lucked out. Kristine could have just waited until I got home and dumped the problem on me. Lucky for me that she was impatient. Or maybe she was just curious?

Once, many years ago, when I had to put my stuff in storage I had made sure to empty the frig and I even used cardboard taped to the door to insure it would stay open a crack and allow some ventilation. I didn't want to get my frig back with a stinky mess inside. Imagine how surprised I was to open the frig a year later to find a Tupperware lettuce container. But I was very lucky there was no smell. Then I remembered I had kept the lettuce in the frig to make sandwiches and had forgot to take it out. Bad me. Evidently the Tupperware had contained the lettuce and the door being cracked had allowed for any bad smells to escape. So, hurrah for Tupperware. I guess everyone has refrigerator stories.

Moral: (If there is a moral to this story) Don't put potatoes in the refrigerator?

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Tanya said...

That reminds me that I need to clean out my refrigerator too. I don't want my husband to become disgusted with me and do it instead. I'd never live that down!