Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Crumby Stuff

Here is a photo of an old wooden tin grater that was passed down to me from Tom's mother's family. They know that I like old stuff and so were very kind to think of me and make a gift of it when they were sorting through family stuff.

I call it a bread crumb box, but I supposed it could be used to grate most anything, although I would think dry things like cheese, old biscuits or bread would work the best with the wood. And the drawer would work very well for storing bread crumbs.
I guess you could use it to grate carrots or other vegetables, but I would think that would make a mess and might warp the wood. I used to have it hanging in the kitchen as a decoration and just to admire. I have yet to put it to use making bread crumb, but maybe someday I will. For now I just like having it around. It makes me smile.

I have been having a lot of fun watching Margaret Rutherford, Miss Marple movies on YouTube. Last night, just when Miss Marple was going to lift a lid to find a body, I heard an explosion and the power went out and I was left sitting in the dark. Spooky! I had to make it to the kitchen and find a candle and matches. Turns out that a car accident in the area took out a power pole and some transformers. I was worried that I wouldn't have internet access today, but the power was back on when I got up this morning.

[7 eggs today]


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lisa said...

That is soo neat. I agree I like old stuff like that and especially when you know who had it before you!!!