Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slowly I Go... DIY Window Seat

(skunk update 10:00pm)
Well, I went pretty fast chasing the skunk!
Ok, this isn't the skunk I chased around the chicken coop and pen tonight, but it was little like the one in the photo and cute. Kristine called down to me, "Did you lock up the chickens?" Yikes!!! No! It was about 10 and very dark and the chickens were not locked up! I hurried out to the coop and went inside to check on the hens and just about stepped on a chicken. No! When I flashed the light on the critter it was a skunk! Not a big skunk, but it was a skunk.

What would have made a great comic video then began as I chased the skunk around the coop and pen with a broom, threw buckets and pieces of wood, and Tom also helped try and get the frightened skunk to leave. It was huddled up in a corner and wouldn't budge for all my broom swinging and prodding until Tom got it to run out in the pen. Then Tom opened the chicken pen gate from the outside and I was able to broom it toward the gate and it left. Yea!!!

Now after a shower I feel a little calmer. I need some tea. Thank goodness it was a baby skunk and didn't seem to know how to hit us with its scent. Poor thing. I do feel sorry for it, but I don't want it to have a chicken dinner. I bet it eats eggs the chickens leave in the woods.

Now back to the original post.
I went pretty slow on the finishing touches on the window seat.
This is what the window seat has looked like since the 19th. I have tried to work on it in fits and starts, but never got much done. I just kept making a bigger mess. That's what happens when I don't have a clear idea of how to accomplish something except how I want it to look when I'm finished. But...
after cutting more sheet rock and ply it all finally turned into this. I put the drawers back in and stuck the vent cover on just to get an idea of what it will look like after I put on some joint compound, paint and put on some wood finishing pieces. It is amazing what can happen if I just keep working at something long enough.

I had originally planned to put a thick piece of decorative wood across the bottom, but finally went with thick ply with a piece of sheet rock over it. It is hard to see, (click on the photo) but there is a little ledge under the drawers. I will need to put a wood strip across under the drawers because if someone steps on the edge of the sheet rock it will break.

There is wood behind the sheet rock, so a strip of wood over it should work out ok. It's not like there's going to be a lot of use. The window seat gets the most use by people when they sit there to answer the phone. Morgan jumps up there when we leave her in the house. I can tell because she leaves her footprints on the window sill. I think she sits up there looking out the window toward the gate waiting for us to come home.

[5 eggs today]



lisa said...

Looking good to me!

Jennifer said...

Glad you didn't get sprayed and none of your chickens got hurt by the skunk! I love, love your window seat. I have always loved them and wanted one.