Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

Happy Birthday to Kathleen!!! Sorry, this greeting is one day late, but I did put up a birthday greeting on our Ning scrapbook site. You can see that we are enjoying your happy birthday cake! Hope you had cake and ice cream too and had a fun day. Miss you. Visit soon? Remember the German Chocolate cakes that your Grandma Dolores used to make. Wow, those were so good. Much better than these store bought, but needs must.
This is one of the Light Brahmas, maybe Pastey, who was giving me a bad time last night when I was looking around the coop and pen for eggs. She was the only one in the coop except for the broody nesters, and she was very vocal in her dislike of my presence. I think she sleeps on that slanty surface. She must have good balance and sharp nails. I always see her up there at night when I lock up the hens. She's a big girl and has staked a claim on the nest roof.

[6 eggs today]


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