Saturday, August 08, 2009

Chicken Pen

This is a photo of the chicken pen
before I hauled in a bunch of wheelbarrows of dirt.
And here is a shot of the pen after I raked it flat. The pen will be much easier to rake clean without the holes the chickens dug. I expect the hens will have a lot of fun digging new dusting spots. Tom put the gate back up for me. I can get it off the pins, but I can't get it hooked again.

We didn't get any rain and the thunder storms passed over headed up the mountains. It was cool enough today to spend some time shoveling and hauling dirt. The hens like their new dirt pen. I'll post a video tomorrow.

[9 eggs today]



lisa said...

Nice job!!

Lisa said...

the inside of my coop looks like the surface of the moon. The younger hens (21 weeks) have been digging holes for a few weeks now!