Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ahh... Come On Out!

Morgan doesn't understand that if she stands in the doorway and waits for the chickens to come out that the hens are not coming. The chickens are not afraid of Morgan, but there are only a few of them who will approach Morgan in the doorway and pass her. Morgan must look like an obstacle to the girls or Morgan is to be avoided?
So, just to confuse things some more, I called Morgan into the pen. The hens are still not all that excited about leaving. What gives? Poor Morgan. No. Don't go in the pen. Yes. Go in the pen. How can I expect Morgan to know the rules if I break them.

This old thing was laying all over the place with nails sticking up, so maybe Morgan got hurt on this little disaster. I picked up the pieces and leaned it back together. I need to get some nails and some wood and stick it back together. My brother built this little dog house and used it to cover the faucets. Works great. It keeps the faucets hidden and relatively clean except for spider webs. The real pay off is that it protects the faucets from the wind and cold during a freeze and keeps the pipes from freezing.

On the way back to the house after locking up the chickens tonight I took this picture of the opening in the trees over our house. My view of the sky is kinda limited unless I get to the side of a mountain. Kinda pretty blue and pink skyset?

[8 eggs today]
The Hen Cam lady on her blog here
said that her hens are molting and have stopped laying.
So, I guess I can expect that to start happening
around here pretty soon.
She also has a new Goat Cam.

I think it would be neat to put a cam on a hen and let it record as she went through her day in the coop and in the woods. I don't think the hen would be thrilled to wear a cam. I wonder how heavy they are? The Hen Cams look a bit too large for a chicken to wear. Maybe a goat?


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lisa said...

Ohh but do you have a great view when you do get to the side of the mountain!!