Friday, August 21, 2009

Back On The Job

Look ma, no bandage. Just a cut on the side and stitches were taken out of the cut between her pads. Morgan is showing off her foot. I'm not too sure Morgan was that happy to go back to her chicken duties. She wanted to come back in the house with me when I came back from collecting eggs. I think she got to like sleeping in the house. Much cooler!
Morgan was waiting to greet the chickens as they made a quick escape from their prison. Henny Penny was first in line to find that the door was open and brave the big outdoors. The hens did some running around, flapping of wings and clucking when they were loose. I think they were happy!
This is my messy popcorn making last night.

[9 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Love popcorn! Glad for Morgan, I bet the chickens are really happy!