Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back From The Vet

Poor little squint eyed Morgan back from the vet and recovering from the drugs she was given. First to knock her out so they could probe the wound and stitch it up and then the drugs they gave her to recover. Tom took Morgan to the vets this morning and they were gone from around 10:00 to 1:30. That was a pretty quick turn around. In the past she has had to stay overnight for treatments that involve stitching. The gauze is pink with little purple hearts. There is tape over the gauze to make the bandage more secure. She doesn't have to wear a collar unless she starts trying to take the bandage off, but so far she is not messing with it. She has to take pills twice a day and will need to return to the vets for bandage changing and eventually stitch removal. Morgan is sleeping now.
Since the chickens have to stay in their pen while Morgan recovers, I worried about the chickens getting too much sun. I remembered there was an old tarp out in the woods covering a pile of leaves. (my idea of composting) I snatched it and used some bungie cords to hook it over the fence to give the girls some shade in the afternoon. The trees shade the pen earlier in the day. This isn't pretty, but it does the job and keeps the hens cool. I don't know how long I can stand to look at this old tarp. I think I will ask Tom to pick up a green one.
See. Happy chickens.
Well, not really, they want out!
I finished painting this back wall and hung the chicken plaque that my brother and sister-in-law gave me when they were here for a visit. I spent today painting the ceiling and another wall in the kitchen. Then I cut sheet rock to finish a doorway. I found a container of multi-purpose joint compound, but it was thin and watery. I'm letting it sit out open tonight and I'm hoping it will thicken up. If not, I'll ask Tom to go pick up some more tomorrow. I need some metal strips too for the corners.

[11 eggs today]
plus one broken egg = 12
I picked it up and it broke.


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lisa said...

Awe, poor morgan! Good idea with the chickens!! Your plague is nice!!