Thursday, August 06, 2009


Since we are supposed to have thunderstorms I swept out the coop,
took a photo of a rain cloud on the way,
and moved the chicken feed inside.

I have two of these barrels that used to be used in a candy store. The barrels were filled with candy and the candy was also used to fill the lid. I found the barrels in an antique store and never saw them full of candy. The store must have looked pretty neat with all the tops of the barrels full of different candy.

I'm pretty much a failure at trying to post earlier in the day, so I guess I will give that option up for now. Maybe in the winter I will try again to post in the morning.

[8 eggs today]


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Kathleen said...

It's been raining buckets here! We were about 98 degrees F every day for weeks (I love my air conditioning), and then bam, we get thunder/lightning/rain/dark(!) and only 73-77 degrees or so. Weird. It's a nice break from the heat though. :D