Monday, August 10, 2009

Apricot Seashell

The Apricot Seashell is on the right of the beam and the orange I'm covering up is on the left. There is so much dark brown in the house that I was looking for something to brighten the place up and decided to try orange. It does seem to liven the brown up and make for a more cheerful aura.

There were lots of cobwebs up there. I tend not to notice the webs because I don't look up and check. They are good for catching spiders, so they do serve a purpose.

The apricot toned it down a bit, just enough I think, it is brighter in real life. The original orange was a tad too much. I am going to keep one wall in the original orange as an accent wall at Kristine's request. It was too hot to continue to paint today, so I took the day off and watched some more Sherlock Holmes shows. YouTube is pretty neat.
Morgan doesn't like it when she can't be next to the chickens. I won't let her in the pen, so when the chickens go in to eat, she waits not too patiently for them to leave the pen and join her in the woods. Morgan is so cute.

[4 eggs so far today]


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lisa said...

That will defiantly spice things up!! Good choice.