Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow! This jean quilt top is heavy. At first I was going to make a crib size top and then changed to a youth bed size. Now, since I have realized how heavy it is, I think I will sew up all the pieces and try and get two tops out of this jumble. I have never made anything like this and I'm a bit afraid of how it is going to turn out. Well, nothing for it but to keep on sewing.

I can see how making a jean crib quilt could be more fun if I had a lot of jeans to work with that had interesting designs, pockets, and other features to choose from. I'm just using the old worn out jeans that Kristine tossed to the garage sale. I'll try to come up with some creative stuff after I get the big pieces sewed together.
Look what kristine found tonight. She was closing the slider and noticed a tiny blue belly lizard in the slider track. Blue belly lizard info here. I love the part about "noosing." We used to just grab them from the back around the neck so we wouldn't get bit.

The lizard then ran over to her shoe and climbed in and stayed there just looking around as she carried him back here so I could take a photo. I'm not good at all taking close ups and I saved the best photo of the lizard for Kristine to use on her blog. Cute little lizard. I'm in hopes she will make a lizard post tomorrow on her blog?

Kristine took the lizard out to the green garden and put it in the ivy. It should be able to find something to eat among all the leaves. Kristine and Kathleen used to play with lizards and slugs when they were little when we lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

[14 eggs today]
Kristine collected the eggs today.
She's good!
I never found 14 eggs.



lisa said...

Nice little fellow. I am sure that your quilt will be beautiful because mom and grandma made it!

Tanya said...

I always feel bad when I throw out old jeans in place of new ones. Such sturdy cloth and I have worn each pair so long. But I can barely get through the fabric I have without starting to cut up old jeans too so I have yet to use them in a sewing project.