Monday, August 17, 2009

Back To The Vet

Morgan pulled a sneaky attack on her bandage this morning. She has been so good, but this morning she went upstairs after she ate. I thought she went up there to be with Kristine. No. She went up there to be by herself. She misbehaves when she thinks no one can see her. She went to her hiding spot in the loft. She took the bandage off, so, Kristine had to take her back to the vet to have the foot checked and re-bandaged this time with a purple wrap. I will tape a sock over the bandage tonight and when I can't watch her tomorrow. I probably would put the collar on her, but I can't find it. I'm looking forward to Friday and getting that bandage off. At least I think that is what is going to happen. Maybe they are just going to take out the stitches and will wrap it again?
The chickens are doing ok.
It is hot enough that they are not very energetic.
And seem to be content to eat and dust.
And lay some eggs.
Today there was a little wind so I spent some time outside raking my paths and the wind kept the mosquitos away. I still have more raking to do. Hopefully, there will be a breeze tomorrow.
I think I will be working with the miter saw tomorrow and doing some staining, painting and working with the joint compound.

[9 eggs today]

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lisa said...

That is some path!! It has finally decided to get really hot here, we have been above 85 now for over 4 days and it is not supposed go below that until tomorrow? Mind you, we haven't seen above 85 except maybe 1 or 2 days back in may?