Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Painting Continues

Morgan slept all day and she feels much better this evening. I can tell because she is walking on the foot and she is wagging her tail around in circles. She is being very good and has not bothered the bandage. I hate putting the collar on her, so I hope she continues to leave it alone. I am used to having her outside all day and since I was painting and busy; I forgot about her and didn't take her out. Poor Morgan. She was so quiet all day that I didn't notice her.
Well, that looks a bit better than yesterday. Tom already had a new green tarp. It is a little smaller than the ratty blue one I had one there yesterday, but it works! I gave the hens lettuce and veggies for a treat this morning.
The basket on the left was blue
and the one on the right was a dirty off white.
As long as I was painting I decided to paint them too.
I'm painting woodwork and doors today.
This was overkill. I was used to the killer oven cleaners of the past and so put my burner racks outside and sprayed them and left them for two hours. Gee, I should have read the directions. Next time I will do this in the sink. Much less trouble. The cleaner didn't smell bad and it worked fairly well. I only had to scrap off a few spots. Next time I will leave it on longer.

[8 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Sounds like you have been busy!