Monday, April 06, 2009

My Space

This morning                [6 eggs]
when I went out to
collect some eggs for breakfast I found these two hens trying to lay their eggs in the same nest.

I don't know if it is a dominance issue or if they are convinced that the other hen has found the choicest nest. They were each trying to sit in the same place very quietly and not fighting at all. Maybe it was a shoving match?
On the way back to the house I was amazed to see how fast the trees are beginning to leaf out. The leaves look yellow from the ground. Today is warm in the 70's and shade will be very welcome come the hot days. 


Here is a view
of the myrtle in the front
of the property that
has spread almost
to the path.

I transplanted the myrtle
to the other side.

And here is a shot
of the myrtle I cut back
to the roots or at
least to the rocks as
close to the ground as
I could get. The myrtle
comes back looking better
than ever. 


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