Sunday, April 05, 2009

Myrtle and Hypericum

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The myrtle is blooming!
I transplanted cuttings from the
swath of myrtle that is growing
in the front of the property
to areas along the driveway.

Click on the photo to get a better look at the flowers. You can click here to get some more information about myrtle or periwinkle. I'm not sure of the name of this variety of myrtle. It seems to do best in areas that get the most shade.

It has taken a few years but the myrtle has finally taken hold and is spreading out over the adjacent areas all on its own without my help. I do water it when it gets very hot and dry.

I plan to take some more cuttings this year and start the myrtle in some new areas probably along the other side of the driveway and around the fruit trees.

For some reason the chickens are not interested in eating the myrtle. I remember a gardener at a nursery telling me once that deer don't care to eat plants with purple flowers. Although it has been my experience that deer will eat pretty much anything if they are hungry enough.

I have tried several times to start some beds of hypericum but each time the plants have died during the hot, dry summer triple degree spells. Admittedly I think it was my fault for not keeping the plants watered well enough, but I also wonder if the chickens and deer have been partly responsible for it disappearing. I plan to start the next group of plants in my garden where it will be protected by fencing.

I didn't plant the hypericum in my garden because it is just about impossible to get get of once it does become well rooted. The roots are invasive and are like coat hanger wire. In fact once the plants are established they do best if they are cut back to the roots every now and then. I cut the myrtle by the rocks back this year and it is already back and looks great.

Hypericum, here, is a drought resistant ground cover and will do very well here if I can only get it started. I do have a few hypericum plants growing but not in large areas. I keep hoping the plants will take off and spread out like they did on our property in the Santa Cruz mountains. The plants have lovely yellow flowers and shiny green leaves.


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