Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Found In The Cupboard

Today I thought I would start clearing/cleaning out a hall closet and ran across these old recipe booklets that I got from Tom's mother, Dolores. She was clearing out her stuff and said I could go through her recipe books and take what I wanted. I picked out the oldest ones:

The top two photos show the small Mirro-matic pressure pan from 1947
and the Kenmore and Sunbeam mixmaster books from 1950.
I love the pictures and the recipes are still great!
I wish I had the pan and the mixer.

These middle two photos show the Borden's Eagle Brand book
that I think is from 1950's or maybe 60's
and the Family Fare food management
from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, February 1950.
The Borden book has some great candy and dessert recipes.
And the Family Fare book even has some great recipes.

I love these last booklets!
The Bisquick Cook Book and Party Book
have such neat illustrations and recipes.
But most of all I love the
Home Makers Guide, 1951.
It is a little treasury of all things a bride might need to know.
From banking to cooking, interior design to laundry,
and to gardens to home site, the list goes on.
Even the recipes are great.
How cool is that!

Go ahead, click on the photo.
I would love to have that range with those ovens!
I loved the 1950's.

I remember the cookie cutter houses, the milk delivery and
bakery trucks that would drive slowly up the street.
The ice cream truck with its goofy music.
High school, bowling, football, skating, tv,
but what I didn't like at all was
the air raid siren that went off at the end of the street.
By the 50's I didn't much worry about a bomb attack anymore,
I just hated the noise the siren made.

Can you read the little poem?

Take each step most carefully!
Cooking is an art!
A well cooked meal --- a pretty bride
Will keep her hubby's heart!

~ Crystal Hastings

Well, a home cooked meal makes me a lot happier
than fast food.
But, then I like to cook.
Some husbands make great cooks too!
And some wives can't cook worth beans.
I guess I believe in each person finding and doing
what works for them.
If it is cooking, or quilting, or raising chickens or ?...
go for it!

These books remind me of the times I spent in home economics class
in 1954 in the wonderful little kitchens
in my junior high school.
Everyday we would cook something.
Toward the end of the year we even cooked a whole meal.
That included setting the table, prep time, cooking, eating, cleaning
and washing up, and putting everything away ready for the next class.
How we did all that in a class period still amazes me.
We were so good.

[8 eggs today]


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lisa said...

I love cookbooks, old and new and different ones. I have one where someone had cut out recipes and taped them into a 3 ring binder. It is pretty neat.