Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Boot Cleaner

[8 eggs]

Is this neat or what!
I bought it at a flea market
from a lady who was a
4-H leader.

Her group of kids were
learning welding and
they put together a
lot of these boot/shoe cleaners as a 4-H project. When we were in 4-H the girls had goats and rabbits for projects among others.

We had the most fun and the best time exhibiting at the county fair every year. We would take the goats (and other projects) and camp at the fair grounds for the week. Lots of fun. And since the goats were dairy goats we got to bring them home. The girls did raise sheep and pigs but they didn't care for having to auction their animals off and watch them being taken away by the buyers. After that we stuck to the dairy goats, which were really just like raising big dogs. The bottle fed kids were especially docile and wanted to be with you all the time even when they were grown. 

I used to be a 4-H leader so I had to be supportive and I bought one of the shoe cleaners to help out the kids. 4-H is such a wonderful organization for children and their families.

You step on one of the horseshoes and scrape the bottoms of your other shoe off on the bars and scrub off the mud/dirt on the brushes. It works too!


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