Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Chickens

Added: (I'm trying again to upload a video.
It stopped at "Message 229)
The video is listed as a .jpg when I go to choose it,
so I dragged the video out of iPhoto onto the desktop
and there it says it is an avi.)
--- --- ---
Before when I chose the video I finally got the photo below, which is the first frame of the video. I'll just leave this and see if I finishes... maybe?

This is a movie... ?
I'm trying to upload a movie of the chickens on the porch.
Maybe it will post a photo?
I had to go back to draft to get it to do this much.
Well, I'll publish this and see if it is a movie or a photo.

Phooey! Only a photo...
I can't get the movie to upload.

The plastic is part of the plastic we put up against the house
during the winter to protect the siding
from snow damage.

See the crushed board on the little bridge?
The board rotted over the winter
so when I stepped on it... crunch!

I'm going to be working outside so this will have to do for awhile.
It rained again and everything is so green and bright outside.
I'll post some more this evening.

[5 eggs] + 2 = 7 + 2 = 9

Turn your sound up...

Well, hot dog! Look at this!
I finally just told the edit page to publish and look what showed up.
I was feeding the hens leftover egg yolks from breakfast.

So, I guess the trick is to drag the video onto the desktop!
This is my first video so I will have to practice.
I really don't understand all the options that my camera has available.
Too many choices for me.
Hope you like hearing the chickens.
I had to turn my volume up all the way.

Big Smiles!

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