Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning Starts 2009

[10 eggs today, so far]   The chickens are enjoying the sunshine today!

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This is a very wet Morgan, yesterday, drying
and warming up, after being out with the chickens
in the rain running through the wet leaves.
(I am usually a day behind blogging.)
Morgan looks so sad, like she did something wrong.
She doesn't care if she gets wet.

I can't wait to get to the stove area
and clean up all the debris.
Hauling in dirty wood, kindling, and dropping it
and ashes, etc., makes for a winter mess.
Keeping the house warm comes before cleaning.
I could spend all my time just taking care of this area.
So, I just deal with the big stuff.
Sunny days are coming and this area will
be all spic an span for the summer!

This time I remembered to put foil in the bottom
of the pan and then the metal steamer.
These sweet potatoes baked on top of the wood stove
with the lid on.

I promised some photos of the loft.
This is the guest bed area.
I strung one of the clothes lines across so it would show.
The box at the end of the bed is a
light/fan that will be installed to replace
the inadequate light that is there.
It is beautiful, and I need to give it back
to my brother and sil, 
she made it out of stained glass!
That is another post.

There are wind chimes on the rug, too,
waiting to be dusted and for a place of their own.
The cloth bag hanging on the railing
is full of clothes pins.
That is a bookcase being used as a headboard.
There are still lots of cobwebs.
There are Christmas lights strung
along the bottom of the railing.
They make a great night light.
I did hang a wind chime/bell on the beam
to warn against cracking your head
on the beam when you get out of bed.
Tricky business, beams are...
Things are coming together!

These are some of the bookcases
we carried up, and books.
Kristine used to have a used bookstore!
So, we have lots of books.
We are only about half way finished with
the loft... and then we start on Kristine's room.
More loft photos tomorrow.

Kristine had to leave today.
Poor thing had to meet someone for lunch!
How sad... hee, hee.
Well, while she is away
I get to do what I want, so I'm moving stuff around.
We can always change it back if she doesn't like it.
I'm having fun.
If only my migraines would take a hike,
I would be even happier.
I wish I could find the off switch.
Well, they will go away eventually.

And my sewing room will be done eventually,
and I will be able to quilt again!!!

Be happy!


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