Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celtic Rug and Danny and Holly

Hi Aunt Callie!  Wow I feel so famous now that 
Danny and I are officially part of your blog!

This is me, (your Niece Holly) & the celtic rug 
I made at a YMCA Women's Retreat on Orcas Island, WA
This is Holly & Danny (your new Nephew-in-law!)  Yeah!  Lucky Holly found such a wonderful husband!  Welcome to the family Danny :)  We all love you so much!
The rug is made from old climbing rope that was used by all the little campers hands at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island.  The colors reminded me of my Aunt, and the craftiness of the idea (I knew she would love it!).  So it made me very happy to make this for her!
This Light Brahma is giving me the eye
through the front slider.
She wants me to open the slider and give her some treats!
Don't you think she is hefty enough!
Fat chicken.
It really isn't good if the hens get too fat because they
don't lay as many eggs as they would normally
or even stop laying.

I hope Holly and Danny had a great time driving up here
and that they have a wonderful visit with all the family.
Love and Hugs Holly and Danny!

Holly typed most of this blog.
I am trying to get her interested in blogging.
Please Holly!

Have a great Day!

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