Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dirt Road?

[6 more eggs so that makes 9 so far]

Gee, two posts today!
One of the reasons I wanted to move
here was because this place was
on a dirt road.
I remember dirt roads when I was
a child and in the summer I loved
the feel of the hot silky dirt
between my toes when I went
walking to see the farm animals or just
to take a walk.

The main roads were paved, but I also remember crossing a covered wooden bridge near where we lived. I treasure all those memories. So, anyway, I wanted a dirt road but that was not to be.
Because neighbors got together and paved the road... 

That was good for them, but I decided I didn't want to put any money into building the road because they were not going to follow code and deed it to the county. I heard too many stories about people being sued by people who had accidents on their self paved road... blaming the paving. So, I still have a little bit of dirt/rock road and that means I need to rake the leaves. Good thing I like to do the raking thing.

In the top photo you can see
where the pavement stops and
the rock covered dirt road
begins. The neighbors really
did need the road in front
of their homes paved because
the level of dust raised by
cars was pretty bad.

But since we live at the end of
the road we didn't have that
problem. So, lucky me, I get
to enjoy my dirt road! 

I finished raking, took the photos, and by the time I got back to the house clouds had begun to move in and block the sun. Looks like the rain is going to show up after all. Well, I'm glad I got the raking finished in the front. The rain will wash off the rocks and it will look even better. Now the forecast is for more rain this week. Well, I think I will make a stew again tomorrow. This time I will take more photos!


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