Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eggs For Breakfast, Please?

[3 eggs] + 8 = 11 

I thought I would try out the large photo format. What do you think? Like it better than the small pics? Oh well, you can always click on the photos to have them enlarge.

60 degrees! I checked the temp on the way back from the gate to let the chickens out. This is much better than the 40 degrees the other day. Should be nice and warm today.

Don't let the motor home fool you. We only have it because we had to live in it for two and a half years while we got our earthquake damaged house repaired enough for us to live there again.

And then it took another seven years to finish the repairs. The motor home acts as our guest house. It can sleep a lot of people. Maybe I'll camp out there this summer and pretend I'm on vacation.
This Light Brahma is the first one out of the coop this morning. Zoom! See that light piece of 
board nailed up to the left of the hen... well, that is my repair job after the bear tore at the 
opening and ripped the plywood away 
so he could get into the coop where the chickens were roosting.

I had a door rigged up over the opening that I could raise and lower.

And I had two feed barrels in the areas where the feeders are hanging.

The feeders are inside because there are still freak rain and snow falls that sneak up on us. Wet feed is deadly. Mold grows and will kill the chickens.

After the hens all raced out I went in to collect eggs for my breakfast. Ha! There were only two eggs, so I left this  Wyandotte hen to her nest and went for a walk.

The hens had been busy clearing away the leaves from along the fence. 

I rake the leaves against the bottom of the fence to keep the rain from washing the dirt away and creating a space under the wire that critters can slip under.

The girls make sure that I never run out of raking duties. Such good exercise for me. Sigh...

After I picked up the eggs
I gave the hens a morning treat.

I really don't like typing around these large photos. It is hard to figure out where the text will end up. I think I will go back to the small photos.

Have a great day!

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Jennifer said...

Wanted to stop by and say thank you for commenting on my blog and for the link! I don't know if I could train Lily to use the toilet but it might be worth a try to avoid litter box duty!

You have some pretty chickens! I am so glad we don't have bears here!