Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easy Rice

                                  [10 eggs]
Get ready:
Pot w/lid
2 cups water
1 cup rice
little salt

I figure everyone knows how to do this, but just in case...
Sometimes I use chicken broth instead of water, or I add butter to the water. You can add what you love. 

Add water to pot.
Add salt.
Bring water to boil.
Lower burner.
Stir in  rice slowly.
(so it doesn't boil over.)

This is how low I set
my burner.

Cover Pot.

Set timer for 20 minutes.

Timer goes off.

Rice is cooked!

Easy, Peasy!

You can mix/stir it up to make it fluffy or scoop it out in clumps.
I used to have an electric rice maker that had lots of use when both  the girls were home. But now I don't use that much rice and this way of making the rice is just as easy and fool proof. Well, as long as I remember to set the timer... otherwise I'm in big trouble.

Kristine and I are very busy today cleaning out the loft. We have cleared everything out! Yea!!!
Tomorrow... there will be photos of the loft. No before pics because I really don't want to remember all the stuff that was stored away up there.

Spring has sprung! And Spring cleaning is underway big time! First the loft, next the sewing/computer room, then the spa house, then the storage area, then the garage, then...

Wow! I do love to get rid of stuff I don't use that is taking up space. I wish there were still Junk Men who would come around and pick up "stuff." 


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Deb said...

Hi Callie,
I so enjoyed reading your blog and about your home on top of the mountain. I've been to CA just once, and only passing through in the military many, many years ago :)
I love how you cook your stew on your woodstove. I have a kitchen cookstove and think things taste very different when cooked on the stove.
Rice is also one of my absolute favorite foods! I spent time in Japan and have an authentic rice cooker although when I want to use chicke broth as you do, I use your pot method.

Thanks for visiting us at Tylerfarm. I hope you stop by often - I'll do the same.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend -