Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We want out!

[1 egg so far] + 9 = 10
Here is how the girls greet me in the morning! They are very vocal and want me to let them out. Now! So, I open the door and they all scurry out while Morgan at times greets them by nosing one and making the hen "explode."
It all happens so fast that I haven't been able to get a photo. She noses the chicken and the chicken squawks, flys up in the air flapping and you would expect to see feathers flying about, but no, the hen is fine, just startled.
I do tell Morgan, "No!" and she doesn't do the nosing thing unless she is really excited. So, she probably won't do it when I want so I can take a photo. 
In fact, I was going to name my blog "Exploding Chickens" but then I thought that with the world situation the way it is I really should go with a different name. So I went with Chickens On the Deck (Kristine yelled, "The chickens are on the deck!" one morning) but my fingers typed, Chickens On The Porch. Bad fingers!
I'll have to get Kristine to come with me some weekend to let the chickens out, so I can get all set to take photos and hopefully I will be able to catch Morgan and the hens in their act. 

Yesterday, I finally had it with the computer cord mess
and all the dust that collects around them
so I got some tools and some hooks.

And went to work.
Not a work of art but at least now I can dust under here without
fighting with the cords.

I'm sure I could have done a neater job if
I had unplugged the computer and printer but I didn't want
to deal with possible computer/printer problems.
See the tools on the floor?
I love this little tool. I found it in an antique store up here in the mountains, so I think it might be old. I know I have never seen any tool like it before. It is not too heavy and works great as a hammer, for pulling nails, and for prying stuff. I used it to pry up tack strips when I pulled up a rug.
It has "C. E. Bonner MFG. CO. Champaign, Ill." stamped on one side and on the other "TAT MCH.5.1901" The first T in TAT is a little different than the other T so I'm not too sure about it... maybe a P? Really don't have a clue as to what the TAT/PAT, etc., means. Well, anyway I'm very glad to have this little tool as it is very useful.

I'm just remembering that I think the ladies at the antique store said that the tool belonged to a family who was selling off an estate of a fellow who used to make/repair shoes up in an old gold town a long time ago. Just a story. Hard to know what to believe. People tell all kinds of stories if they think it might help sell something, but I knew these ladies and I tend to believe them since there were a bunch of other odd shaped tools that I didn't recognize. At least I believe that the tools had something to do with shoe repair. Maybe?
I went searching on Google and found two entries for
C. E. Bonner MFG Co. Champaign, Ill,

Antique 1901 CE Bonner Champaign Illinois Chisel Tool - eBay (item... Here is a neat Unusual Antique Combination Chisel tool marked CE Bonner Mfg. Co. Champaign, Ill on 1 side and Pat. Mch 5 1901 on the other. Measures 7 3/4" long...

...but the entry was deleted from Ebay. However, I guess the tool really is old and the T is a P. My tool is 8 and 3/4" long, so I guess they came in different sizes, maybe in a set?

This is very interesting! I selected the text on Google search and did a copy and pasted it into this post and the copy printed right into the post, not under the post like it usually does. So, I didn't have to recopy the text. Only bad thing was the size of the type was too large and the color was purple. I guess you can copy and paste Google stuff into Google? I'll have to play around with this.
I did some more searching and found a site that said the C. was for Clarence and there are other old tools for sale with the same Bonner stamp, but with other cities in Ill. than Champaign. I wish I could find some history about the company and Clarence.
I found an address: C. E. BONNER RESIDENCE, 702 W. University Ave., Champaign, Ill.
and the C. E. Bonner MFG CO., Tool Manufacturers, and Workmen's Cotteges, Bonner Additions, listed at:
Well, I think that is enough sluething around.
I'm a genealogy junkie.
Have a great day!
P.S. I added Treadle Quilts
to my list of Blogs on the
sidebar. Go Check!
P.S.S. Re the copy and paste thing... Duh! I just remembered that I checked the box for blogger in draft, so this copy stuff must be a draft feature. 

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