Friday, April 17, 2009

Celery In The Morning!

[2 breakfast eggs] + 3 = 5 + 1 = 6
I'm feeding the chickens grower so I do expect the egg production
to decrease. I'm feeding the grower to get rid of it
since they really don't need it in the summer.
I feed the grower
in the winter to give the chickens extra energy to combat the cold.
We do not heat the coop unless the temperature falls very, very low.
This year we did not heat it at all, even when it snowed.
Our chickens are winter hardy breeds.
Good chickens!
This is what I saw when I walked in the kitchen this morning.
Celery... yikes!

I don't have much kitchen counter so when it comes to having
stuff sit around I''m always looking to free up space.
The window has a metal bottom with a drain so plants
can be watered and I thought why not?
So, I put stuff up there that needs to drain.
Works great!
As long as I don't forget stuff up there
like I did the celery last night.

Here are the girls getting a treat last night
with Morgan supervising.
Well, I really don't know what she is thinking,
but I know she doesn't want the vegetables.
The veggie scraps were on the paper plate that you can barely
see behind the feeder. I don't know how the hens
dumped the scraps and moved the paper plate.
Such a neat job!
I guess they would rather eat off the blue plastic
than the paper plate?
Have a great day!

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