Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idaho Moccasins, Snow, And Boots

 Snow today!
Hard to believe, but that explains why it was so cold.
The snow didn't last very long and melted away.
At first I thought it was hail, but it was snow.
I checked the weather radar and it was snowing up at Tahoe.

[3 eggs for breakfast + 7 later = 10 eggs)
Not too bad for a cold, cold day. This is another backward post.
Gee, I hope I'm not going to get another migraine. I'll chalk it up to being cold.
Start reading at the bottom of this post.
It will make more sense, kinda.

--- --- ---
This is me by the front gate that I unlocked
waiting for Kristine
because she called and is coming home early because she is sick.
I can't just unlock the gate and leave it open
because of the dogs in the neighborhood coming after the chickens.

While waiting, since I have my camera with me,
I thought why not take a photo
of my handy dandy super doober
way of putting a plastic bag on my foot
before putting on my boots.

This way I can take them off with no problem.
My feet slip right out!
The feed store lady thought this was the coolest idea.
I hadn't really thought too much about it, I just got tired
of going through all the pulling off of the boots thing everytime
I wanted to go back in the house.
Lazy me.

I love my boots, too!
That's me, socks, boots and moccasins.
I do have a couple of pairs of regular shoes but I don't wear them
at home, only when I leave the property
and if I can get away with wearing my boots that what I do.

I love my moccasins.
There was a wet dog on that sheet a few minutes ago
drying off from the freaky snow fall.

My poor patch job.
I need to take them to the shoe repair fellow
and see if he will sew on  a leather sole.

I went and dug out my moccasins because it was so cold.
(I normally wear socks in the house)
They were put away because I had worn a hole in the sole.
I bought these moccasins in Idaho in the 1960's
while on a trip with my dad and Mary.
We had stopped at a store that was near an Indian reservation
that had lots of handmade things for sale.
These moccasins are so comfortable!

Say, I know someone who reads this blog that lives in Idaho.
Any Indian reservations near you?
Oh well, I guess I should just get these patched up.

Morgan is outside the window
because she hears me in here typing on the computer
this morning and she can watch the chickens at the same time.

Lots of noise outside...
There are chickens outside my window.
I heard them while I was reading my email and checked
to see what the noise was all about.
It is amazing how much ground they can turn over.
They are like little plows.

It was so cold this morning that I put the heater
that Jean's son gave us in the bathroom.
Only the second time I've done that.
I took the heat lamp out and replaced it with a regular bulb
to cut back on the electric bill and only miss it
once in awhile... like this morning.

Sorry the post is upsidedown...
It would make more sense to start here.

I'll finish this later... I'm cooking dinner.

This is the goofiest post I've made.
I'll do better tomorrow.


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