Monday, April 27, 2009

Up On The Roof

I'm up on the garage roof
getting ready to start raking the leaves.
The leaves have dried up enough to come off easily,
 so here I go...

I noticed that the roof has a support
that is kinda sticking up a bit
where a tree crashed through the roof
a few years ago.
But since it is going up instead of down that seems OK.
 Maybe my brother built it that way when he did the repair?

Isn't that pretty!
I'm taking a break.
So fun to lay on my back
on the roof
and stare up through the trees.

Wow! They are leafing out fast.
Soon you won't be able to see
hardly any sky through the leaves.

All finished!
That really didn't take very long and I even had time to go rake more leaves off off my paths. And I took the movie of the hen/rooster. Kristine says she isn't laying. There is one other hen who is doing the rooster thing. I'll have to have Kristine show me which hen it is. This is what happens when you don't have a rooster in the flock. Somebody takes the roosters spot.

The black Australorp has decided she is a rooster! She has grown a large red comb, bigger wattles and she is endeavoring to crow. I followed her to the pen and finally captured her strange cluck/crow. The Buff Brahma is clucking along with the growly Australorp crow/clucking. What a strange sound. Enjoy!

[10 eggs today] + 1 = 11



Lisa said...

oh my goodness that really is a funny sound!

Mike said...

Sounds slightly scary!