Monday, April 20, 2009

Morgan and the Girls In The Morning (I Added the Bridge)

[4 eggs] + 5 = 9

Bridge links at the bottom!

The hens are eating lettuce
and Morgan is looking for a doggie treat.
She doesn't like lettuce.
I can't remember if I already posted about my remodel
of the chicken coop.
One day I decided I had had enough of bumping my head
going through the gate to collect eggs every day
so I pulled down this end of the coop.
(I know... I should remember to duck)

And just started building.
Wish I had been blogging then.
I would have had lots of photos to post.
I do love power tools.
I had bought a metal white door and some windows
at a flea market so I built a frame out of scrap wood
left over outside paneling, and added the windows and door .
Well, I amazed myself.
I thought that If I messed up I could always just nail
the metal panels than had been there back up.

I added fencing over the windows
inside and out.
Then I added the swinging windows
on the inside of the coop.
The chickens slip in and out under the bottom windows.
I keep them open in the summer.

It was a lot of fun remodeling this end of the coop.
Now Kristine and I are making plans to enlarge
the coop and pen area.
After all, if/when we get the Muscovy ducks
they will need more room.
maybe a rabbit?
Like the Hen Cam has... here.

I would love to add two doe kids to the plan!
But, we need safe housing and fencing.
Have to add that to the plan too.
And a new roof!

I would like to add outside roosting poles to the pen,
but the raccoons can reach in and grab a chicken.
Ahh... but I could add hardware cloth around the area.
So, we can put outside roosts in the plan.
The hens would like to roost in the sun when they have to stay in.
We lock them up in their coop when we leave the property.

Kristine and I are going to see a Movie today.
Monsters vs Aliens
so, this is a short post.
Well, it started out to be a short post.

Strange egg.
Click on the photo, please.
But I do have a question.
I collected this egg this morning from a nest in the coop.
Anybody know what's on this egg.
Kristine says she thinks it is just left over egg shell stuff.
It feels like egg shell, only they are tiny and round.
They do fall off when rubbed.
I wish the photo was clearer. I did set the camera for zoom.

Movie time.
I'll take my camera and I will try for some photos
 on the way down the mountain.
If I get some good shots I'll post them later today.

The movie was a lot of fun!
Rushing to leave I forgot my camera! 
So, here and here are some links to a bridge we took
on the way down the mountain.
When I said that Grandma lived across the bridge
I really meant it!

Have a great day!

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