Thursday, April 16, 2009

Independent Chickens

[3 eggs this morning] + 8 = 11
This is how the chickens take off after I let them out of their coop in the morning. I used to think that chickens stayed in a flock and traveled around together. Maybe if they were all one breed? Some of my chickens do stay together, but others head out for their own favorite spots. You can see the Light Brahmas, and Wyandotte headed left and a Wyandotte and and Australorp headed right. I wonder if ducks stick together? Geese?

Kristine wants to get some geese. But what kind?
And if we get ducks we will get Muscovy ducks (info here.)
We have had them before when Kristine raised ducks
for a 4-H project.
Muscovies are a kick! We really enjoyed having them around.
They wag their tails, head bob and hiss not quack here.
Here is a video of some Muscovy ducks head bobbing and tail wagging.
The other ducks are quacking.
We had black and white ones, but I'll look into seeing if we can get
some brown or black ones so they can blend in with the leaves.
We got four of each breed of our chickens
and the Wyandottes are the only breed we still have four.
It is my supposition that they survived predator
attack because they are harder to spot in the leaves.
I don't know anything about geese except
that I know I want friendly ones.
My brother had some attack geese.
Well, back to the chickens...
It does upset Morgan when her chickens are spread
out and she can't see them all.
Sometimes she will just give up and go lay on the porch.

I checked on the fruit trees again
and at least the apricot and cherry tree are making leaves.
The fig tree isn't doing much at all.
Hope it is OK.

My paths are all messed up by the rain and snow melt.
This is a good thing because it gives me more opportunity
for exercise. And even when I get the paths all raked up again
the chickens will come along and move the leaves
back onto the paths. So, I have no excuse
for not raking leaves!

P.S. I was just reading
If Life Gives You Scraps~Make Quilts here
and she mentioned her pollen
allergies. Maybe my migraines are
triggered by pollen? I got another one. Phooey!
I would really like to start sewing again.
P.S.S. I talked to Jean today and
she can get in and out of bed by herself!
And she can go home... except
she has to wait for a bed sore to heal.
How crummy is that!!!
Well, she will be home soon and then she can come up here for a picnic and we can go to the lake and she can even fish if she wants or have Kyle fish for her.

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Fabric Fanatic said...

Thanks Callie for stopping by my blog and saying howdy. I am down the hill from you in the flats of the San Joaquin Valley in Sacramento. Hey I just read that you have a tool by the CEBronner company in Champaign, Il which is about 50 miles from where I grew up...funny small world. You and I both read a lot of the same blogs too. My girl, Maya, is a boxer/rottweiler mix and a gentle spirit with big brown cow-eyes with black eye=liner like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra! HA!!