Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nanny Morgan

Cold day and I'm taking the day off! Well, at least the morning. I'll probably find something to do inside. Morgan marks the place where I left off raking. I need to continue all the way back to the trees by the fence line. Makes me tired looking at the photo.
I was experimenting with the photo layout and chose "none" and now I can't do anything with the photo and I have all these lines show up. Phooey!
I didn't use the return key and so no lines. It won't let me put text by the side of the photo. OK. Sooo, I'll go back to choosing photo placement.

Here is Morgan being a good Mom to the girls.
Or bossy?

I really can't tell, but I noticed that the Cochin was eating corn peacefully, when an Orpington comes up on her right and a Wyandotte comes up on her left.

The Wyandotte pushes the Cochin away, the Cochin all of a sudden develops an itch that needs pecking, and then Morgan steps in and noses the the Wyandotte away. The Cochin comes back to the feeder... and then things get too confusing for me to follow.

Chicken politics are complicated and with Morgan overseeing things I don't have much hope of understanding their pecking order. I'll just trust Morgan to keep things peaceful.

But I wonder if the Cochin is Morgan's little pet?
The cochin does end up by Morgan and back at the feeder
while all the commotion is going on there
at the end of this little episode.

[9 eggs today]
It is going to be rainy and cold for a few days
so I filled up a feeder with cord and one with grower.
It seems colder than when it snowed,
but that's just me.


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lisa said...

I am sooooo glad that I don't have that many leaves. Have fun.