Friday, April 24, 2009

Wonderful Visit!

Holly and Danny + Uncle Tom and Aunt Callie
We all had a wonderful visit yesterday!

Holly made a lovely celtic rug for me
and she and Danny brought it to me all the way from Seattle.
They are soooo sweet!

We thought they were just coming up for a few hours
because they have so many other family members to visit.
But they planned to stay for the day and evening.

I hadn't planned anything for them to eat and didn't know
what they could eat.... 
so, Danny and Holly and I went to the store
and they bought all the fixins for a great dinner
and then Holly proceeded to barbecue dinner!

But first we went for a walk!
Well, Holly tried to walk...
Danny had been pulling all-nighters so he grabbed some winks.
While Holly barbecued the tri-tip.
And the chicken, sausage, and zucchini!
Barbecue smells sooo good.
This is the place of honor the celtic rug is occupying.
I love the colors and the intricate weave.
And Holly made if for me!
Thank you, Holly
Thank you, Danny
Hugs and kisses!

Here are some links that I found that give directions
and they have photos too.
- Tie an Ocean Plait Rug -
- SummitPost - So You Want to Make a Rope Rug Eh! -
I like the directions and photos on both of these sites
but I really like the wooden platform to hammer nails
 into to mark the turns in the bottom link.

You did a beautiful job, Holly!
I love the rug.

It rained last night! Yea! I hope it rains again today, please. The rain made it much easier to rake up the leaves and I got halfway around the back of the house before I had to call a halt due to fatigue. I'll be back at it tomorrow.

[5 eggs today so far] + 1 = 6

Have a Great Day!

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