Friday, April 03, 2009


[5 eggs]

I spotted the mistletoe in the oak tree this morning when I went out to unlock the gate to let Kristine out on her way to work. Usually I forget about the mistletoe because I don't see it when the trees are leafed out and I don't look up. Here is a site with lots of information about our California mistletoe.

At times we have found a dead chicken that died for no apparent reason and I have wondered if the chicken ate some mistletoe seeds or leaves that fell to ground. But the site says that birds eat the seeds so I guess the chickens are safe. At Christmas I would like to be able to get to the mistletoe to add to wreaths, but it is up way too high in our oak trees to collect. Farther up the mountain there are trees where the mistletoe is accessible.

Our oaks are just beginning to leaf out. It is very difficult to see, but there is a slight difference in the color of the branches. It wont be long before we will have lots of shade.

Today around noon I heard a terrific noise overhead and went outside to try and get a look, but I couldn't see anything in the sky. It got so loud that I thought something was going to come near to crashing nearby. We are on a flyway so it is not unusual to see airplanes very, very high passing overhead. But I never heard such a lot of noise before.


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