Thursday, April 02, 2009


[7 eggs]

Today I'm making stew
on the wood stove.
After I took the photo
I put the lid on the pot
and I will check it
every 15 minutes
to make sure it doesn't
cook all the liquid away and burn. I set the timer.

One Thanksgiving
I cooked a turkey on the wood stove
in this dutch oven and in another one
I have that is a little bit bigger. I cut the turkey in half
and crammed a half in each pot then added some water.

Hard to believe but that was delicious turkey! And it
even looked browned as if it had been in the oven.

April Fools! Sorry I'm a bit late but I want to post a photo
of an egg a hen laid on April 1st.

Is this strange or what?
At first I thought a piece of shell
got knocked off and the membrane
was showing, but the light area is
as hard as the shell. Go figure?
Those hens are playing tricks on me.

It is cold and supposed to get colder all week.
The forecast is for rain but I don't think it is
going to rain today, maybe tonight. 
Stew is always good on cold days.
Makes the house smell good too!

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