Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves...

How about this! I actually got all the leaves raked away from the back of the house and even made a start on one of the paths. Since Danny showed me how to take movies on my camera I have been playing around with it and I managed to take the video below of one of our Light Brahma hens. She was making so much noise that I went to check out her problem (even Morgan showed up) and she just kept up her clucking. Don't know what she was going on about.

But now I know why I don't see very many videos on the blogs I read... they take a very, very, long time to upload. So, in the future I will make shorter videos. I am trying to video the Australorp we have that has convinced herself that she is a rooster. She makes the strangest crowing/clucking noise, and has even grown a larger red comb. I did catch her on video today but I can't upload it because the video was over 100MB. I'll try again.

This movie making is pretty fun stuff.

This chicken is for you, Sarah! She is clucking, "Hello, Sarah! Where is my corn! I want corn, my corn feeder is empty!" But, I'm not giving her anymore corn. They have lots of feed. Fat chickens. She is going to give up and go in the pen and get a drink. But she must have been calling her other Light Brahma sisters, 'cause they all are running around the pen to get to her. Who knows what she was clucking about?

[10 eggs today]

Be Happy

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