Friday, May 01, 2009

It's Raining!

The rain makes the new green leaves even brighter and I am very happy to have more rain. It would be wonderful if we could catch up to our average rainfall. Last year at this date the says that the Northern Sierra was at 74% of average. As of 4/30/2009 we are at 89% of the precipitation index accumulation. We are better off than last year, but we need more rain!
Since it is cold and dreary, in an effort to cheer up this room
I decided to hang up a happy chicken sun catcher.
The chain was too short to allow it to hang down in the window
so I used an old necklace to add some length.
Now all I need is some sunshine.
Morgan was out with me when I checked on the chickens.
It is nice and warm in their little coop.
But she did get wet running around in the wet leaves.
This is Morgan's drying out spot.
She can keep an eye on things and it is nice and warm
up there on the stairs.
I think it is so neat how she drapes herself over the stairs.
I got some old dark beat up chairs quite awhile ago at a garage sale
and Kristine and Holly each painted one for me.
Holly finished her chair... see the little fish.
Kristine is painting a Captain America chair
but hasn't finished it yet.
This chair makes a nice addition to the sewing room
and it reminds me of Santa Cruz and the ocean.
I painted a little old chair too in bright colors
but it needs a seat and a bit of repair.
Something else for me to finish.
I guess this could be the room where the fun chairs hang out.
I like happy things around me.

[8 eggs so far]


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lisa said...

I can't believe how the trees look now in just one day of rain, the chair looks great. Morgan looks so comfortable!