Wednesday, July 01, 2009

At The Slider

Last night there was some critter/s running around and setting off all the dogs in the area. I tried to make a video to capture all the noise and neighbors shouting at their dogs, but it didn't turn out all that well. I have to turn the sound way up to hear anything and there is too much scratchy noise. Kristine came downstairs to make sure the chickens were locked up and then she turned on the outside lights but we couldn't see anything. All the noise went on and off during the night. Wish I knew what was going on.

A couple of years ago we would wake up to the sound of gun fire. Now that was exciting. Turns out there was someone in the area who for some unknown reason thought it would be a good idea to bury their garbage instead of taking it to the dumps. Welllll... of course, a bear showed up to partake of his garbage pit and the fellow's solution was to shoot at the bear. Some people! The guy finally moved and the new owner sent in a back hoe and trucked out all the garbage. The new neighbors are a welcome change!

I must admit that having wildlife show up around here is exciting. Hearing a mountain lion scream is memorable. A bear jumping from a tree onto the roof of the chicken coop is interesting. But the critters I hate to see are the mosquitos and the flies. I hate flies and mosquitos. Tomorrow I'm going to try and work in my little green garden if the mosquitos let me and if it isn't too hot. It is supposed to be in the nineties, but it may be cooler? Tom got me some new garden gloves! Yea!

In the afternoon once it starts to cool down a bit and there is some shade on the porch, the moochers show up at the slider hoping for a treat to appear. We hear cluck clucks, chicken hoofs and the click click of Morgan's paws and Morgan adds some more nose prints to the slider and we comply with their wishes if at all possible. Tom has been lucky and picked up outdated greens at the store twice this week. So, along with carrot peelings, tomato leavings and old lettuce the hens are very happy. Poor Morgan. All she ever gets are dog treats. We bring her in the house while the hens eat up their treats because Morgan gets excited when the hens get excited over the treats and she runs around on the porch and makes the chickens fly up in the air and then they run around too. And then Morgan gets more excited, etc. So, best if we just bring her inside. I love my chickens on the porch.

[6 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Hope the chickens don't leave to many messes on the porch. Lot's of wild life, I think that is neat and yet I don't know if I would like to know that a lion is anywhere close.