Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Found Basket

Here is another find from years gone by. I sewed the fabric insert and the "wings" top for this little basket. There are pockets on the sides and in the top for thread, needles and such. I wish I could have found a chicken basket, but at the time we had ducks too, so having a duck sewing basket seemed a good idea. I think blue must have been my favorite color then.
Kristine brought this plant home to me today. It is called Armeria "maritima Bloodstone" a 6 to 10 inch evergreen perenial for borders. It has sea pink flowers. Well, not now, I dead headed the few that were there and I will plant this in the green garden. It is supposed to do well with two or three hours of sun a day. It is hardy to 0 degrees, so it may not last the winter, but it is supposed to do well in the winters up here. We'll see.

I went out this evening and put new straw in the nest boxes, but when I went to take photos the battery need charging. Phooey. I have to catch the two duct tape hens and replace their saddles. Orp Roo's saddle came off completely and Henny Penny's saddle is loose. I charged the battery so I hope for photos of the chickens tomorrow.

[11 eggs today]

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Lisa said...

11 eggs!!!! I am so jealous!