Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Metal Corn Feeder

All the feeders are hanging in the pen again. It is a good thing that the hens are not in the pen very long because the feeders are taking up a lot of the room. It was hard to get a photo because the hens were all moving around so much. Today they were very vocal. Noisy. Somedays I think they make more noise than a rooster. They don't seem to like the metal feeder. When I put the corn in the plastic feeder they would eat it all up in a day or two. Not so with this new feeder. It has been three days and the corn is only down a few inches. Interesting...
Lately I have been going through stuff to pack up and donate to a local town sale. I found this plastic table cloth and had the idea of using it as a top for the swing. The cloth top it had finally sun rotted and shredded and I was going to sew up a replacement, but I thought why not try this out and see how it works. I used a clip on each end and used some large gold safety pins along the sides with duct tape in the middle for strength. I was going to sew a pocket along each side for the rod, but I thought the stitching would act like a line of perforation and it would come apart fairly quickly. So, I used the duct tape and safety pins. It is colorful, keeps the sun off and it was quick. And I didn't have to buy anything. I like finding other uses for things.

[9 eggs today]


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