Thursday, July 02, 2009

Watermelon IQ Test

Who can make it out of the pen and get to the watermelon rinds? Starting on the left we have Curly the feather foot Cochin, Hen/Roo, Orp Roo, Henny Penney and then two Light Brahmas, an Australorp, a Buff Brahma, an Orpington and a Wyandotte behind them. The hens love the watermelon rinds, but there were hens in the pen eating chicken feed.
Before: This is a photo of what my little green garden looked like before I started working on it this afternoon. Some critter got in and broke and ate some of the rose bushes. I rushed around and tried to stay ahead of the mosquitos to get a bit of work done. Most of my time was spent cutting back dead stuff and raking. I didn't get very much done before the mosquitos chased me away. Morgan had fun sniffing in the leaves. I guess I raked up some neat stuff.
After: Lots more to cut back and I have some planting to do. I will put the leaves under the shrubs along the fence after I water them well. The idea being that the leaves will help hold the water in the soil for awhile. The ladder is there to hold potted plants on the steps. I need to make it to a nursery or ask Kristine to pick up some flowers to plant and put in the pots. There is a huge pine tree at the front corner of this garden that keeps it in the shade most of the day, so shade loving plants do well but the others don't thrive. I added chicken wire and fencing to keep the chickens out and the plants in one piece.

This morning I set out three watermelon rinds for the hens to enjoy and then I unlocked the door and expected the hens to rush out for a morning treat. I don't know if the girls were trying to get through the gate to the rinds or what, but I had to walk around in the pen before they started coming outside. Finally most of them came out, but there were a few still in the pen.

[8 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Your garden looks great from your deck. I love it.