Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coop Cleaning

After much thought last night I decided I was getting way too upset about the eggs in the dirt and trying to get the chickens to lay in the nests, etc. So, my new plan is to go with the flow. No stress. I put some straw in the corner dirt area where they like to sit. And I will check it every day.

I unscrewed and pulled one of the boards off the back of the tall nest box thing so I can reach in and collect eggs. I saved the screws and used them to screw the board to the back wall. That way the next time I move things around I will be able to find the board if I want to put it back. There were two eggs in there today! I'll check tonight and see if I have any eggs on the ground.
As for rehanging the gate, I decided to just pick it up off the hooks it was hanging on and take it out of the chicken pen. Duh! Those migraines must lower my IQ. I got it unhooked and dragged it out all by myself, but Tom helped me put it back.
It was so great to be able to get the wheelbarrow in the pen. I took out six, maybe seven wheelbarrows full of coop and pen chicken stuff. It didn't look like there was that much stuff in there but there was. Morgan came in the pen and ate an egg! How about that. So, maybe she is the egg breaker?
The pen looks about the same, but it will be easier to rake up each day. Using the bucket to remove stuff works out fine as long as I don't get behind and keep to a daily schedule. I take the buckets to my little green garden and dump it there around the plants.
And here is one of the invisible things. Everybody eats hot dogs, but how? Here is my favorite way to prepare a hot dog. Kristine got hot dogs and the fixings because they are easy to chew. She is still healing up from the wisdom tooth business.

[10 eggs today!]



lisa said...

Boy oh Boy that is some hot dog. I usually only put ketchup!!

Kathleen said...

Oh yeah! Now, that's what I call a hot dog! My favorite has mustard and banana peppers; love the tang! Never tried maters. Hmmm, maybe I'll try it now...
Love ya!