Monday, July 06, 2009

Duct Tape Orp/Roo

The Orp/Roo was missing her saddle this morning, so I had a fun time chasing her around. I finally caught her and put her in one of the tall next boxes and played chicken keep-a-way with the duct tape. Henny Penny is calm compared to Orp/Roo and she gave me a lot of trouble. I had to keep one hand on her all times. But I finally got the new duct tape saddle on her. Much to her disgust. She is not happy. Unlike Henny Penny who has pin feathers coming in, Orp/Roo still has a bare back, but at least it isn't red or irritated. In this photo you can see how she is getting rooster characteristics: the large comb, the upright posture, and the upright tail. Help! I think a lot of my hens are turning into roosters.

Everything is so dry! Scary. This year I didn't hear any fireworks going off on the fourth. The woods are so dry that it would only take a spark to start a blaze. Today I do hear booms every now and then, but Kristine and Tom think they are from some kind of work and not fireworks. I want rain! I really, really, don't like this hot, hot, dry weather and we have months of it to go before we get any rain. Or... maybe we could have some kind of freak rain storm. That would be super good. Except, no thunder and lightning. I think the heat has fried my brain.
Here is Henny Penny this morning, with her duct tape saddle still intact. I'm so happy that she is doing so well. Except for the saddle you would not know anything had ever been wrong.

I get nervous in this kind of weather because of the fire danger, but also because the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake happened in this kind of hot still weather. And the dogs were barking. But now it is quiet again. OK, I know, I'll calm down.

I need to go add a photo of Orp/Roo.
I'll go ahead and publish this much.

[5 eggs today]



Kathleen said...

Maybe you should get a rooster anyway, to kick those hens back into being hens? Does HenRoo lay eggs anymore? Will she actually become a male? How far does the change go? Maybe this is why there are fewer eggs, too many Roos.

Ashley said...

Hello! I don't know to much about chickens, and will be getting some next year, so I have a quick question....What is a dirt egg? And why do you throw the eggs they lay on the floor away?

lisa said...

Love the duct tape idea!! I will have to remember that one!!

flowerweaver said...

Neat, Callie! The wonders of Duct Tape! I have not seen this done before, but looks like a good solution. What does it do to their incoming feathers when you have to pull it off?