Friday, July 03, 2009

Sweet Hen

Morgan is clean! She came back from her monthly trip to the groomer looking white and stressed. She had a side trip to the vets office next door to the groomer for a health check up that included blood tests. I had her sit next to the hedge which she kindly did. She just looks hot here. Poor Morgan. She has gone to bed early. Too much excitement?

This is such a sweet Wyandotte hen. At first I thought she was cooing, but she is making a chicken noise. She didn't have an egg and it was late in the day for her to be in the nest. So, maybe she is broody? She stayed in the nest after I moved her around looking for an egg, so I decided to see if she would make the same sounds again and tried to capture it on video.


lisa said...

She defiantly is broody. Good video by the way. Morgan looks pretty!!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I love that video! Chickens are just so cute and funny when they are like that!