Sunday, July 19, 2009

Needs Eyes

Kristine said that she is going to bring me home some googly eyes for this Snack Chicken. This is another find I made. I made this chicken over ten years ago and lost the basket it sat over during the move up here. The wings lift up so you can reach inside and pick up a goody.
Or you can just pop the chicken off the bowl. I found the bowl the other day and decided that instead of getting rid of it I might be able to use it with the chicken. It is not a great fit. The bowl should be taller to hold the chicken up higher, but it will work. Right now the bowl holds snack bars and candy. Any wrapped items should work out ok.

The chickens laid four eggs in the tall bottom nest box. I wonder if hens that usually lay eggs in the woods are laying in the coop or some hens have started laying every day? I check all the boxes carefully before I lock up at night, so I know the eggs aren't left over from the day before.

I have another load of old clothes in the wash that I'm getting ready to cut up for quilt piecing. I'll post a photo tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get another batch in the wash tomorrow. I have another box to look through. All the old hoodies and sweatshirts would make great backing for the jean quilts. I'm going to have fun with this project. I'm having to overcome my reluctance to cutting up clothing. But this a lot cheaper than buying fabric and a great way to recycle.

It was hot today. And it is going to be hot. It is 10:30 pm and it is 80 degrees in the house. Not too bad. No breeze. The fire is 100 percent contained. It burned 643 acres.

[Wow! 13 eggs today]

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