Thursday, July 09, 2009


Isn't Morgan cute. She waits patiently while I open each nest and move the chickens in hopes perhaps of me dropping a chicken in her direction. I move the hens as I look for eggs and Morgan is very interested in the search. She would like to get in the nests and help.
Kristine took this photo for me to post. Over the years I have collected these little stuffed animals. I think they were all mostly gifts and they were so cute that I decided to display them under a counter behind glass doors in a bathroom under the sink. This way they stay dust free and they are there to bring a smile. Cute little critters.

I worked in the garden today and finished cutting back the overgrown plants. I'll get a photo tomorrow and I'll wheelbarrow in some dirt to the garden and plant some potted plants. The chickens got carrot peelings and spinach for treats today. The girls are using the new nest boxes which is a surprise to me. I crawled in under the roosts and cut away chicken wire on the inside of the top nest box so they can use that one too. I'll try for a photo of that tomorrow.

[6 eggs today]



lisa said...

Morgan looks so cute, what kind of dog is she?

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I worked in the garden yesterday and it kicked my butt! Morgan is a doll!