Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snack Time

This afternoon I went out to the coop and nailed the nest basket to the back wall. There was another egg by the basket on the floor. I guess the hen was worried the basket would tip over again? The hens have decided they really like the bottom nest box in the bookcase thingy that I turned around in hopes they would use instead of laying eggs in the dirt. I need to put some new straw in all the nest boxes, but I have been waiting for some cooler weather.

Or I could get up earlier. I have been going to bed late because I stay up until after the house cools down so I can close all the windows and doors and trap the cool air in the house. The cool air comes down the mountain around three in the morning.

I cut up the jeans into strips and sections that I can use to piece together for a quilt top. I still need to go through some of the old clothes for some other material. Colors or prints? I still have the Japanese quilt to make. Maybe if I can get this jean quilt made without the migraines attacking I can get back to the other quilt.

The hens appreciated the cold refrigerated peach and apples for their snack time. The chickens have a fun time chasing and running around with the "balls."

[9 eggs today]

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