Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Feeder

Kristine picked up a new metal feeder that I am using for corn. They didn't have any plastic ones in stock. Metal is great until it gets wet and rusts, so I much prefer the plastic. I had to put the feeders inside this afternoon because it started sprinkling a bit. Strange weather. It is over 80 and it is raining. I opened the middle nest box to air out the one broody hen I have left. It is a Wyandotte so it is hard to get a glimpse of in that dark space. I should be able to put the feeders outside tomorrow. Hope so. There is not much room in there.
Here is a shot of the area where I dumped a wheel barrow full of chicken dirt. Now all I need are some plants. I would like to get some annuals. This area gets shade in the morning then a couple hours of sun and then shade in the afternoon. I need plants that will grow in the shade and stay alive through drought in the summer and winter snows. The ivy does well and so does the myrtle. The roses and that evergreen bush don't do too well. I need plants that are hard to kill.
I wanted Morgan to come in, but she doesn't want to come in until I lock up the chickens. I called her, but she is slinking away. Like I wouldn't notice? The chickens don't mind the rain because they stay under the trees where it is dry. Morgan might get a little damp, but she will be ok out in the hot rain. Hope there isn't any lightening.

[7 eggs today]


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lisa said...

I never thought about hanging feeders. I might have to try that.